Reveiwing a draft set of minimum ethical standards

Following the #ICTDEthics workshops in Michigan, London, Cape Town and Jogjakarta, Andy Dearden and Dorothea Kleine have collated responses, and then edited and drafted this proposed text for collective review.

At this stage of the collective process, we invite participants in the ICTD/ICT4D community to assess the document, to comment on the contents and identify any areas that need to be modified.

The draft document is shared using google docs and can be downloaded from here.

Please download a copy of the document for review, and send your comments and/or suggested changes to Andy Dearden ( and Dorothea Kleine (

The document will be presented and discussed in an open session at the ICTD 2017 Conference in Lahore, Pakistan on Friday 17th November 2017, at 14.00 local time, which is 09.00 UTC(0).

The discussion will be streamed live from the conference and you are invited to participate on-line. To join the live discussion, please follow this link.

We (Andy & Dorothea) hope to collate responses after Friday 5th January 2018 and create an updated draft which we will make available on-line via this site.

Following this review and editing process, Andy & Dorothea hope to submit the document, together with a research note explaining the processes and ideas that have informed its development, for publication through an open access IT for Development journal.