Do we all agree?

This document contains a set of statements from existing codes of ethics that attracted positive feedback in the first workshop at ICTD 2016 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Please read through the document. If there are items here that you would be unhappy about being included / paraphrased in a code of ethics for ICTD research, please make a comment on this page so we can raise them for discussion.

Other documents deal with statements that were:

  • Raised for discussion: a list of statements and comments that were marked up in blue or purple indicating that these issues need careful thought in ICTD ethics.
  • Proposed for rejection: a list of statements marked up in red indicating that the reader was concerned that these should not be included in a code of ethics for ICTD research.


One thought on “Do we all agree?”

  1. One item marked up as ‘endorsed’ was that we should be Data Driven. UNICEF’s guidelines recommend that we should:
    Be data driven
    Design projects so that impact is measured at discrete milestones with a focus on outcomes rather than outputs
    Evaluate innovative solutions and areas where there are gaps in data and evidence
    Use real-time information to monitor and inform management decisions at all levels
    When possible, leverage data as a by-product of user actions and transactions for assessment

    But could this encourage us to gather digital tracking data (with the difficulty of ensuring that consent for this is ‘informed consent’), and use it for research purposes? Perhaps this position needs more discussion.


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