Draft standards available for review


Our first draft of a set of minimum ethical standards for ICTD/ICT4D research is now available for comment.

The draft document is shared using google docs and can be reviewed here.

A pdf of the current draft (without the comments and discussion) is available here ICTDEthics_Draft Nov 2017

Please download a copy of the document for review, and send your comments and/or suggested changes to Andy Dearden (a.m.dearden@shu.ac.uk) and Dorothea Kleine (d.j.kleine@sheffield.ac.uk).


We (Andy & Dorothea) hope to collate responses in May 2018 and create an updated draft which we will make available on-line via this site.

Following this review and editing process, Andy & Dorothea hope to submit the document, together with a research note explaining the processes and ideas that have informed its development, for publication through a relevant open access journal.



Framing the Ethics Debates

We’ve been analysing, clustering and summarising the ethical debates in ICTD


Participants in the ICTD 2016 open session on ICTD Ethics reviewed a set of ethical guidelines from different relevant domains and disciplines. They identified statements that were appropriate for ICTD, that needed discussion in the ICTD community, and they suggested statements that were inappropriate for ICTD.

Earlier this month we (Andy & Dorothea) analysed and clustered these statement to identify some key issues for debate.

Please join the discussion in the Consensus & Questions section of this site.

If you don’t have much time, then go directly to the priority issues for debate.

What can we learn from other disciplines?

At the ICTD 2016 conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, a group of 30+ researchers and practictioners explored ethical guidelines from other disciplines that might inform an ethical guide for ICTD research.

Participants reviewed 7 codes of ethics from different disciplines related to ICTD and picked out texts that should inform ethical guidelines for ICTD research. These were sorted into:

  • statements that were widely endorsed
  • statements that raised important questions for ICTD ethics
  • statements that were opposed (as possibly unsuitable for ICTD ethics)

The conference also built a  ‘problem bank’ of post it notes (see image).

The results of these discussions are available here.

Please take a look at what was discussed and join in the debate.

Minimum Ethical Standards in ICTD


This is an invitation to co-formulate a set of minimal ethical standards in ICTD

A workshop at the ICTD 2016 conference will kick-start the effort.

In the workshop we will:

  • Share stories and concerns that highlight ethical issues in ICTD research
  • Review and collate material from existing ethical standards in related research areas to develop a starting point for debate
  • Generate an initial thematic guide that can form the basis for future drafting
  • Create a concrete action plan for drafting and review of these standards

After the workshop, the outputs will be shared with the conference attendees, and on-line at this site to invite feedback, commentary and reaction.

We plan to use this site as a space for discussion and development with a view to collaboratively agreeing a clear statement of minimal standards to share with the wider ICTD community in 2017.