Minimum Ethical Standards version 2.0 Published online

A revised and updated version of the minimum ethical standards has been published online at and

The document is also available here: Minimum Ethical Standards for ICTD_ICT4D Version 2.0

Please cite as: DEARDEN, Andy and KLEINE, Dorothea (2018). Minimum ethical standards for ICTD/ICT4D research. Sheffield, UK: C3RI, Sheffield Hallam University / SIID University of Sheffield

The revised standards take into account the feedback collected through our online discussions and through review meetings at ICTD 2017 in Lahore, and at MERLTech 2018 in London.

The standards have been tabled for consideration at the ICTD 2019 Conference in Ahmedabad as a basis for future editions of the ICTD Conference series.

If you wish to make comments on this current version (2.0), then please use this link:

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Professor of Interactive Systems Design, Sheffield Hallam University

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