Draft standards available for review


Our first draft of a set of minimum ethical standards for ICTD/ICT4D research is now available for comment.

The draft document is shared using google docs and can be reviewed here.

A pdf of the current draft (without the comments and discussion) is available here ICTDEthics_Draft Nov 2017

Please download a copy of the document for review, and send your comments and/or suggested changes to Andy Dearden (a.m.dearden@shu.ac.uk) and Dorothea Kleine (d.j.kleine@sheffield.ac.uk).


We (Andy & Dorothea) hope to collate responses in May 2018 and create an updated draft which we will make available on-line via this site.

Following this review and editing process, Andy & Dorothea hope to submit the document, together with a research note explaining the processes and ideas that have informed its development, for publication through a relevant open access journal.


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Professor of Interactive Systems Design, Sheffield Hallam University

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