What can we learn from other disciplines?

At the ICTD 2016 conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, a group of 30+ researchers and practictioners explored ethical guidelines from other disciplines that might inform an ethical guide for ICTD research.

Participants reviewed 7 codes of ethics from different disciplines related to ICTD and picked out texts that should inform ethical guidelines for ICTD research. These were sorted into:

  • statements that were widely endorsed
  • statements that raised important questions for ICTD ethics
  • statements that were opposed (as possibly unsuitable for ICTD ethics)

The conference also built a  ‘problem bank’ of post it notes (see image).

The results of these discussions are available here.

Please take a look at what was discussed and join in the debate.

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Professor of Interactive Systems Design, Sheffield Hallam University

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