Minimum Ethical Standards in ICTD


This is an invitation to co-formulate a set of minimal ethical standards in ICTD

A workshop at the ICTD 2016 conference will kick-start the effort.

In the workshop we will:

  • Share stories and concerns that highlight ethical issues in ICTD research
  • Review and collate material from existing ethical standards in related research areas to develop a starting point for debate
  • Generate an initial thematic guide that can form the basis for future drafting
  • Create a concrete action plan for drafting and review of these standards

After the workshop, the outputs will be shared with the conference attendees, and on-line at this site to invite feedback, commentary and reaction.

We plan to use this site as a space for discussion and development with a view to collaboratively agreeing a clear statement of minimal standards to share with the wider ICTD community in 2017.


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Professor of Interactive Systems Design, Sheffield Hallam University

One thought on “Minimum Ethical Standards in ICTD”

  1. Thanks Andy for sharing the ICTD Ethics initiative. That yo be a feelow panelist on the IEEE SSIT panel on Disruptive Technology, Ethics and Global Development. Even remotely in India is was great to have you involved. I will see what SSIT Australia might be able to contribute to the standards. I’ve been away from ICTD for a few years being back in Australia. I did present my Masters research at ICTD Doha so great to hear latest developments.


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